To ensure the CSSA flourishes and remains at the forefront of improving our offer to our members we have formed alliances with particular like-minded organisations both at home and abroad.
These organisations support the objectives of the CSSA and its members.

British Cleaning Council

CSSA is a member of the BCC Council and is privy to the activities of its 27 member organisations. Grant funded the launch of the CSSA Awards Scheme. Specific BCC current project which we participate in is Project 35. BCC also act as a Award Champion, judging & presenting, the CSSA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science

CSSA and BICSc have been partners in multiple educational standards over many years. Both sit on a number of training forums over the same period. BICSc also act as Award Champion for the Training Category of the CSSA Awards Scheme.

Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association

The CHSA represents the major manufactures and distributors supplying cleaning and hygiene products to the benefit of the UK’s cleaning sector. CHSA act as our Contract Innovation Award Champion and sponsored the CSSA Innovation Showcase. Meeting frequently we undertake joint projects for the betterment of the UK cleaning industry.

The Cleaning Show

Cleaning Show are a CSSA Member whose Corporate Representative, Vanessa Van Santen Smith, was elected by the membership to the Board of Directors. CSSA and Cleaning Show alongside C&M were founding members of the CSSA Award Scheme and today C&M act as the official publicist of the Association. Neil Nixon, Editor C&M, sits on a number of CSSA Executive Bodies.

European Federation of Cleaning Industries

EFCI: European Federation of Cleaning Industries is the key European Organisation whereby the Cleaning Industry representatives’ lobby for change talking to the European Commission endeavouring to ensure all legislation is favourable to our industry.

Golden Service Awards

CSSA has a cooperation agreement with GSA that each organisation supports and promotes each others Award Schemes.

Industrial Cleaning Machine Manufacturer’s Association

CSSA’s close and open relationship with ICMMA and its members focus on technology evolution and of course potential commercial benefit based on the CSSA membership being their target market.


A CSSA/ISSA Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement had been signed agreeing to enter into discussions and a general exchange of information with each other for the purpose of exploring potential areas of collaboration and cooperation to further the interests of the international commercial cleaning industry.

Living Wage

CSSA are an Accredited Living Wage organisation and is a member of the Living Wage Service Providers Group.


Our interchange with WAMITAB involves crucial areas including Waste Management, Cleaning Industry Apprenticeships and UK Cleaning Industry Human Resources Management matters. WAMITAB also act as Award Champion, judging & presenting, the CSSA Environmental and Sustainability Award.

World Federation of Building Service Contrators

Doug Cooke, CSSA Chairman, sits on WFBSC Board of Directors as the UK’s representative. WFBSC hold conventions every 2 years at locations throughout the world. CSSA always has a presence through its members. The last held in Berlin in September 2017 the CSSA Chairman, Treasurer and CEO were in attendance. This keeps the UK abreast of world developments.