Change is afoot. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on
how well prepared, informed and motivated you are to succeed for
yourself and this industry .

With 50 years of experience in the cleaning industry we will fight your corner, and give you advice and access to tools that’ll help you grow your business.

For over 50 years now we’ve provided a national voice for contract cleaning companies all over the country; talking to the government on their behalf, giving our members valuable content and advice to make their businesses better and stronger, and bringing our industry together to socialise and share best practice.

There has never been a more challenging time to be a contract cleaner.
I don’t say this lightly – the whole reason we were set up in the first place was to deal with Selective Employment Tax, the government tax that was penalising our industry and our employees, and over our 50 years, we’ve lobbied the government on a whole heap of issues.

But, today’s a whole different ballgame.
With Brexit around the corner, and the free movement of people within the EU in the balance, we’re about to go into unprecedented waters as far as our migrant workers are concerned. “Austerity” is the word on everyone’s lips, cuts are being made left, right and centre, eating into our margins and making running a cleaning business even more challenging. Since technology is evolving rapidly and aggressively, the entire complexion of running a cleaning business will soon change, and it’ll be the smart, switched-on and informed cleaning businesses that stay afloat when the technology revolution truly hits our industry.


It is precisely these things that the CSSA seeks to help you with.

And although there has never been a more challenging time to be a contract cleaner, there’s never been a more rewarding one either.

We know that there are thousands of cleaning service contractors out there, thousands of associated companies that support those contractor and nearly half a MILLION employees that represent the cleaning industry.

Each one of those people relies on the industry to support themselves and their families, and we care passionately about making sure that the industry gives them the support they need.

We care that their livelihood isn’t taken away.

We care that their wages are protected.

We care that they’re able to keep standards high, and that they’re not affected by recessions and cuts and all the other things that make running a business in the UK so challenging.

And we don’t just ‘care’. We do something about it.

Support for the Contractors

“We were experiencing serious issues with the unions on one of our largest customer sites. The experience, guidance and support of the CSSA was invaluable. I felt so indebted to the CSSA that I joined the Board so I could help others.”

Bob Vincent LCC Support Services

The CSSA is the only organisation that singularly represents the cleaning industry at a government level, and we exist for four clearly defined reasons:

#1 To help cleaning businesses to grow their businesses, get new customers, retain existing customers and help the owners create the income and profit they want for themselves and their families.

#2 To help cleaning businesses to stay legal and compliant when it comes to the hiring, management and transfer of staff, keeping them safe and protected when it comes to the law.

#3 To lobby for change; talking to the government on the behalf of the cleaning industry, endeavouring to ensure all legislation is favourable for our industry, and the individuals in it as well trying to effect change amongst ourselves, changing widely held industry attitudes and promoting positivity.

#4 To be at the forefront of innovation, sharing best practices with our members and driving the industry forward with new technology.

We care passionately about our goal, and it’s a crystal clear one:

We want to make the cleaning industry better for everyone who is part of it.

This includes you.

You might be sitting there and wondering:

“Well Sean, this is all very noble, but where do I fit in?
How can the CSSA help me?”

For many of us, just the fact that you’re ‘on our side’ and that we’ll be working behind the scenes to benefit you personally and positively shape our industry will be enough encouragement to sign up, but there’s A LOT more to being a member than that.

Allow me to explain:

As a CSSA member, you have access to an exclusive community of individuals and businesses within the contract cleaning industry.

Via a mix of online and offline content, live events and distance learning, this community gets the support they need to run their businesses, safe in the knowledge that in addition to their membership perks, they’ve got a 50-year old, long established organisation lobbying for them, fighting their corner and doing all they can to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Support for the Contractors

“We were experiencing serious issues with the unions on one of our largest customer sites. The experience, guidance and support of the CSSA was invaluable. I felt so indebted to the CSSA that I joined the Board so I could help others.”

Bob Vincent LCC Support Services

Join the CSSA and receive:

Three “members only” content-rich events each year

Each of these events give you the opportunity to rub shoulders with other likeminded people and learn from some of the brightest minds in our industries (and in other relevant industries).

Each event features keynote presentations delivered by experts and designed to help you grow and sustain a profitable cleaning business as well as giving you opportunities to network and share best practice with fellow cleaners all over the UK.

These events will focus on our core values – innovation, people and compliance and business growth – and will be packed full of value as well as an opportunity for a couple of drinks and a chat.

A copy of our exclusive quarterly printed newsletter

Packed full of valuable articles and insights from industry experts, updates on our Governmental activities and advice on everything from marketing to staying legally compliant, your newsletter gives you another fantastic opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in our industry and provides you with actionable, tangible advice that’ll help you grow and sustain your cleaning business.

A high-resolution CSSA logo

Your CSSA logo will be free for you to use on your website, your marketing materials and your vehicle livery as long as you’re a member, showing your customers and prospects that you meet our stringent standards and abide by our code of conduct.

A dedicated helpline

The helpline gives you unfettered access to the CSSA team, who can give you bespoke advice on marketing, staffing, staying legal, dealing with Governmental issues and pretty much anything else you could possibly need help with.

Access to the CSSA board

The CSSA board is made up of 12 individuals, all with their own specialist expertise, and as a member, you have access to this group. With a combined XX years of experience, the chances are that if you’re having a problem or you’ve got an opportunity, a member of the board will have been through it, and as a member, you can arrange for a telephone call or email correspondence to get specific help for your specific issue.

Two “social” events

We’re well aware how powerful a fraternity is, and that’s why we take socialising seriously – it’s a key part of the CSSA membership.

Whilst these events are a little less formal than our content events, they’re no less valuable, with a huge amount to be gained and learned from spending time with others in your industry.

Like the content events, we hold the socials at a nice hotel, usually in central London.

Reduced rates on your public and employee liability insurance

As a CSSA member, you get reduced rates on your public liability insurance, via our specialist insurance broker.

Access to our Private Facebook group

Open only to members, the Private Facebook Group gives you a chance to spend time with your peers, learn tactics and strategies to help your business grow and learn from people who have been there and done it.

Many minds are better than one, and the Facebook Group will gives you access to people in exactly the same shoes as you, giving you the opportunity to share ideas and get answers to questions, all in a non-judgmental, private area.

Member only website section

As a CSSA member, you’ll also get access to the member only section of the website, giving you member-specific resources that help you with all aspects of running your cleaning business; from marketing, to hiring to negotiating.

Your voice, heard at governmental level

Right now, the CSSA sit on three boards at governmental level, dealing with health and safety, immigration and business working practices, and as a member your voice can be heard. Simply speak to us about what you want brought to the table, and we’ll be your advocate.

That’s “what you get” on a granular level when you come on board as a CSSA member.

Not bad, eh?

And on a broader, more ‘big picture’ level, you’ll get the benefits of supporting an organisation that has your best interests at heart.

An organisation that cares about improving your life and your employees’ lives.

An organisation that knows delivering a cheaper service isn’t a viable business strategy, and that our industry’s craft and skill must be protected.

An organisation that looks for the long-term profitable future of an industry that does so much good for so many people.

Let’s not beat around the bush, the country would be pretty stuffed without us, wouldn’t it?

Hospitals wouldn’t be fit for purpose.

Absences in offices due to sickness would be hugely costly for our economy. .

The list goes on.

But unless we protect our industry, then the worst can – and will – happen.

And that’s what we’ll fight tooth and nail to do.

What’s the investment?

When you consider exactly what you get when you come on board as a CSSA member, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d be looking at a substantial investment to join, which is why you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that for the first tier of membership, your investment starts from just £45 a month.

(Yes, that’s a lot less than you pay for a daily Starbucks – about half the price to be precise)

From just £45 a month, you get the live events, the newsletter, the support calls, the member only website content, the access to our private Facebook group, the CSSA logo for you to use on all your materials, the dedicated helpline and the discount on insurance.

The only organisation that represents
the cleaning industry at a government level, fighting your corner.

Our ironclad,
100% money back guarantee


We’ve put a guarantee in because we’re highly confident in what the CSSA can deliver for you.

We’re asking you to put our trust in us, and it’s only fair that we earn that trust during your first 60 days of membership.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log onto the members only section of the website, join the Facebook group and get involved in the community
  2. If, within 60 days of joining, you decide that membership is not right for you, just let us know and we’ll shake hands and refund you every penny you’ve paid up to that point

Your commitment

If you stick around past the first two months, then you’re agreeing to be in this for a full 12 months.

We’ve priced our entry level membership at £45 a month to make it easier for everyone to make the investment, and whatever your size and subscription the reality is that CSSA membership is an annual commitment.

Just like you wouldn’t go to a personal trainer twice and then quit, the CSSA will only work for you if you give it time to, which means staying the course for 12 months.

Where do I join?

Joining the CSSA couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do is click the button at the bottom of this page, fill in your details and away you go.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email, and your welcome pack will follow in the post a few days later.

You’ll know if this is right for you.

If you care about our industry, and you want to be successful within it, then it probably is.

If you want to access advice and tools to help your business to thrive in this challenging environment we find ourselves in, and you want a team on your side who’ve been there and done it, multiple times, then it definitely is.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team before you join, that’s absolutely fine, give us a call on 0845 1390050.

Thanks for reading this – I hope that together we’ll be able to ensure a bright future for our industry.