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We exist for four clearly defined reasons:


Marketing For Growth

#1 To help cleaning businesses like yours to grow their businesses, get new customers, retain existing customers and help the owners create the income and profit they want for themselves and their families.



#2 To help cleaning businesses like yours to stay legal and compliant when it comes to the hiring, management and transfer of staff, keeping them safe and protected when it comes to the law.



#3 To lobby for change; talking to the government on your behalf, endeavouring to ensure all legislation is favourable for our industry, and the individuals in it as well trying to effect change amongst ourselves, changing widely held industry attitudes and promoting positivity.



#4 To be at the forefront of innovation, sharing best practices with our members and driving the industry forward with new technology.

We want to make the cleaning industry better for everyone who is part of it;

And that includes you. Here’s how we do it:

  • Live events, packed full of practical, actionable content designed to help your business grow safely, sustainably and profitably
  • A quarterly printed newsletter, crammed with valuable articles and insights from industry experts, all with the aim of helping your business
  • A private Facebook group, giving you unique access and insight to others in the industry and a chance to learn tactics and strategies from your peers
  • A high-res CSSA logo for use on your website, your marketing materials and your vehicle livery
  • Member only website section, full of resources to help you with marketing, hiring, negotiating and much more
  • A dedicated helpline, giving you access to the CSSA team
  • Access to the CSSA board, who can use their combined 200 years of experience to help your business
  • And much more…

What our Members Say…

Support for the Contractors

We were experiencing serious issues with the unions on one of our largest customer sites. The experience, guidance and support of the CSSA was invaluable. I felt so indebted to the CSSA that I joined the Board so I could help others.

Bob Vincent LCC Support Services

Partnership with Suppliers

Delivering great service for good value is so reliant on great partnerships in the supply chain. The co-operation between the end service provider and the people like us is so close, you might believe that we are all part of the same team. We want to work with the right companies and believe in what the CSSA are trying to achieve.

John Doyle Mayflower Washroom Solutions